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Web Apps

We build platforms and applications for your business development.
Online custom solutions for resource management systems and process control.
Our Platforms


Business model do not include the development, expansion and growth without a platform developed or adapted to an existing market.

In PXSP we carry many years helping a lot of customers to consolidate their businesses and growing with them. We have specialized in helping with the definition and optimization of production processes, supervision, control and information management.

Each project is unique, so we want to be with you from day one and help you build the best possible solution to your needs. Our goal is to tailor the platform to you and your business not to tailor you to a platform.

We will need to understand your business and know as much as you know, we will become a member of your team, so let us know your project and build together a unique platform that covers all your needs.

What do we do.

Business Development


Project management applications, social networking development, inventory and process management, booking systems for hotels and restaurants.
News and Media


Newspaper and magazine content management system, resources and tasks system management and management applications
for media websites.
Custom Development


Our developments must adapt to your business model, not your business model to our developments. We will listen to your needs and will give you solutions.
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We have worked for.

We have worked for.


We are the development department for a lot of companies. We want to be your technological partner.
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